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Sinopec - LNG - Vancouver

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Main goal

Sinopec had heard a lot of good things about us. They approached us because they were facing a unique challenge. They wanted an impressive booth at the LNG in Vancouver to reflect their status as a global player in gas production. However, LNG in Vancouver was only 7 weeks away!
Concept, design, technical drawings, production, graphic design, sea container transport to the other side of the world, and assembly all had to be completed within this short timeframe.


We took up the challenge and immediately got to work with a dedicated team. This was Sinopec's first major booth presentation, so our design team had to create something "from scratch." We also didn't have a template for the graphic design, but we quickly created one.


Let's be clear that we don't see this as an ideal way of working, and a more generous project timeline would be preferred. However, we can't help but be secretly proud that we successfully completed this task to the client's full satisfaction.

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Mike Köppen
Mike Köppen

Exhibition Consultant / Sales & Marketing Manager

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