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Main goal

Super-B is a manufacturer of high-quality lithium batteries, primarily for campers and boats. They were in search of a design concept that would reflect the quality of their batteries and appeal to the potential target audience through design. Additionally, given the nature of trade shows, it is important to communicate the message that it's all about batteries even from a distance.


Chiaradia Exhibitions had a mission to create a recognizable and modular design that could accommodate various booth layouts and sizes. 


As a starting point, we chose to feature a blow-up of the Super-B battery as an eye-catching element positioned above the booth. At times, it is suspended from the hall ceiling, while at other times, it is supported by a pergola-like structure. Furthermore, we opted for an elegant floor finish in two classic materials and a beautiful counter/bar/display furniture placed in front of a large lightbox wall.

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Mike Köppen
Mike Köppen

Exhibition Consultant / Sales & Marketing Manager

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