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At Chiaradia Exhibitions, we embrace the responsibility to have a positive impact on the world around us. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is deeply woven into our company culture, and we constantly strive to find the right balance between environmental, social engagement, and economic sustainability in all our decisions and activities.



At Chiaradia Exhibitions, we believe that our success is determined by the people we work with: our dedicated team, our valued clients, and reliable suppliers. We have deliberately chosen a small, local team based in Vaesrade. This choice allows us to create a close-knit, family-like atmosphere where individuals are recognized and supported not just as professionals but also as individuals. This respect and commitment extend to all our business relationships, as we believe that strong, healthy connections are the foundation for lasting success. Moreover, we base our collaboration on the principle that the relationship must be profitable for both parties.



Our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint goes hand in hand with creative solutions and conscious choices that minimize the environmental impact of our operations. One of our key initiatives is the reuse of standard materials for multiple trade fairs for different clients. By using carefully selected materials, such as reusable aluminum, we reduce the demand for new raw materials and decrease waste. To reduce our energy consumption, we have switched to using primarily LED lighting. LED technology is not only more energy-efficient but also has a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacement. In addition, we have installed solar panels as a renewable energy source, thereby making our electricity consumption more sustainable and contributing to a cleaner environment.



At Chiaradia Exhibitions, we ensure the right balance in People, Planet, and Profit. We go beyond just business performance; we invest in people, relationships, and sustainability because we believe these are the building blocks for a better future.


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We are Creative

We create conceptual exhibit designs, tailor made to your needs. 3D Branding that fully expresses both the inner values and outer image or your organization.

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Chiaradia Exhibitions employees are dedicated to fulfill your needs. Service is our middle name. We provide high level project management on an international scale. We have the people and the global alliance network that breeds total satisfaction, repeated success and long lasting client relationships!

We are in Control

Logistics, planning and budget control are essential in our business. Our clients expect the same look and feel for their exhibit presentations all over the world. Depending on region we work with our global alliance partners to provide exhibit presentations to our quality standards. Chiaradia quality and design for local costs!

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People like to be in spaces that feel human. We at Chiaradia Exhibitions design, create and build spaces people can sink into and relax. We use innovative materials and create quiet, private havens in the notoriously overwhelming environment of a tradeshow.

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